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Legacies Of Vigilance, Fight & Accomplishment

Named after the honorably-bold, deep-strike-renowned, heroic soldiers, and sacrificial spirit, of General George Patton's May 12, 1945 famous rescue, Operation Cowboy (OC) is the official cavalry of The American Old West genre. 

"Always Ready," (the same motto as the 2nd Mechanized Calvary Regiment, United States Army Europe), its Primary Mission Statement is, "Saving The Old West by putting cowboy boots on the ground."  There never has been, nor shall be, a cavalry and rescue of only hopes, wishes, promises, dreams, emotions conveyed over the impersonal internet and clever advertising; Operation Cowboy, visibly and aggressively, deploys its specialized assets and caring, friendly people into the communities they must serve. OC is much more than a social or fan club!

Comprised of Troopers, Officers, and Affiliated Outposts from around the world, Operation Cowboy promotes, protects, and supports America's singular, indigenous genre, "The Western," through its monthly, community Outpost musters, educational materials, and community programs, all strategically designed to create tomorrow's Western-genre devotees, and to strengthen and encourage today's devotees.

According to OC Commander, R.S. Bowden, "if we continue to neglect The Western, it will continue to ride into the forgotten sunset. And, since it was America that gave birth to The Western, it's Americans that must lead this rescue charge to ensure that future generations, of every culture on Earth, continue to be manifoldly blessed by America's wonderful, Old West stories, their important morality lessons, and larger-than-life heroes and heroines. If ever there was a time that this world needed the likes of Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Annie Oakley, The Lone Ranger, John Wayne, Lucas McCann, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Jim Bowie, James West, Artemus Gordon, The Range Rider, and Paladin, the time is now. So, Operation Cowboy is escorting them all back home, safe and sound, to do what they do best!"